Our mission and Belief

International outlook determines how big your world is; language determines how close we are.

Learning a language opens a window. We believe that learning a language is the best way we cross cultures and build a new world that truly understands each other and is open and inclusive.

Our mission is to use language to connect the world, with professional and systematic teaching, so that everyone can speak in the shortest time.

TLI combines new types of language education technology to practice the three educational policies of "Teaching in accordance with aptitude", "Education through fun" and "Learning to apply." Our goal is not only to promote Chinese language learning, but also to establish cultural connections through language learning and achieve something meaningful to the world. We seek like-minded global citizens who look at each other's differences with love and build a global worldview!

Father of Chinese Teaching - Founded the first Chinese Language School in the world



Dr. Marvin Ho

Proponent of Chinese learning trend

TLI Founder Dr. Marvin Ho has dedicated his entire life on promoting Chinese teaching and culture, and he founded the world’s first Chinese language institute in 1956.

Paragon of Chinese teaching

He was awarded the “International Man of the Year Award, 1995 to 1996” by The International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England, and he spent 6 years to write the Modern Chinese Cross-strait Dictionary.

Benchmark for Chinese teaching

He has led the industry by setting the standard for Chinese teaching and being widely appraised for his unique TLI materials, teaching method, and professional faculty, letting foreigners efficiently and quickly learn Chinese.

In TLI since 1956…

Founded TLI Taipei Language Institute

Established Taipei center in 1956。

Established centers in China, Japan, North America, and Taiwan

14 centers around the world。

Held Chinese culture immersion course

Facilitated cross-cultural exchange between the East and the West and held Chinese study and arts & cultural events。

Introduced TLI Online Chinese Learning

Online video conference teaching, Digital teaching materials。

TLI (Taipei Language Institute) was founded in New Jersey, USA, in 1956 as Missionary Language Institute, and the Taipei center was also established in the same year as the first school in the world to teach foreigners Chinese. The faculty comprised of linguists, Chinese and foreign instructors and experienced Chinese teachers.

We are proud to have many exceptional alumni, many of which are icons of current TLI students. They have become key government officials in different countries, Chinese diplomats, senators, or leaders in fields like academic education, media, religion, etc., most notably, The Pulitzer Prize winner, Nicholas Kristof, American sinologist from Harvard University, John King Fairbank, Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Former President of The Johns Hopkins University, William Brody, and Former President of the Republic of China, Ma Ying-jeou, to name a few.

With over 60 years in the industry, TLI has laid a solid foundation as a sustainable brand, and it infused its experience into the online learning platform and formed TLI Online Chinese Learning Platform.

For over 60 years, our students have been coming from all major corporations.