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How to use proper Korean to idolize the star and fufill your dream? Let TLI teach you!

Follow the Korean wave, master the secrets of Korean learning, and speak Korean easily.

Suitable for

Do you need to take an exam to improve Korean language ability?
Do you plan to live in Korea for a long time, such as working holiday, studying abroad, employment?
Do you want to learn some simple Korean for traveling, so as to facilitate local communication?
Do you have difficulty in following the drama and subtitles? You want to understand them at the first time.

Why can TLI truly help you?

The super-popular native-speaking foreign teacher is your exclusive coach

The super-popular native-speaking foreign teacher is your exclusive coach

TLI strictly selects the high-degree certified foreign teachers designated by the top 100 foreign companies to teach. Teachers are from Korea and are native speakers with rich teaching experience. With rich and diverse teaching content, learning Korean is so fun! Whether it’s life speaking, travel, business or TOPIK test, our professional teachers can help you achieve your goals easily!
With TLI exclusive teaching method, you can see the learning effect!

With TLI exclusive teaching method, you can see the learning effect!

Who says Korean is difficult to learn, in TLI, it is super easy to speak Korean fluently! TLI adopts exclusive three-stage golden ratio teaching. The content of the TLI Korean course has a solid foundation, so having class is like studying abroad, and you speak authentic Korean!
Comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing

Comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing

With the whole mother tongue teaching styles, TLI improves your listening sensitivity. With the immersive teaching style, TLI makes learning more effective. Emphasizing the application of life situations, from pronunciation, grammar to expression, TLI aims at providing a solid foundation for you.
A variety of class options to meet your needs

A variety of class options to meet your needs

TLI provides 1-on-1, 1-on-2, 1-on-3, group or self-group classes. You can select the suitable course according to your needs to achieve the best learning effect. Located in the city center, TLI allows you to experience local customs and cuisine, communicate face-to-face with classmates and teachers, get to know different people from different cultural background, make friends, and expand interpersonal relationships.

The course covers the most complete, professionally taught courses that meet your needs.

Course theme selection

Customized themes

According to your level, learning motivation and needs, TLI will create your own Korean learning plan for you.

Pronunciation Course

With complete pronunciation and intonation vocalization courses, TLI provides you with a good pronunciation foundation and speak fluent Korean.

Life Korean

The course in TLI teaches the most common Korean contextual conversations, , including food, shopping, making friends and starring, and Korean dramas, making you feel like you are in Korea!

Tourism Korean

Whether it’s restaurant ordering, airport boarding, transportation, accommodation, gourmet shopping, all tourism Korean will allow you to go unimpeded!

Commercial Korean

Whether it is meetings, business email, business Korean, it is no problem! You can easily deal with it when you are dispatched or negotiated with Korean customers.

Korean Proficiency Test

Experienced professional teachers can help you pass the TOPIK test easily.

Children Korean

Let the children learn happily in the game, and naturally memorize Korean words and grammatical sentences to form a solid foundation.

Training for Corporation

The most practical Korean trainings include business Korean, advanced Korean for managers, Korean for negotiation, instant meeting interpretation and exclusive customized courses.

Class selection

One-on-one Class

Tailor-made exclusive courses
Teachers intensively instruct and practice, and make rapid progress

One-on-two Class

Two students practice with each other no pressure and quickly build self-confidence
The teacher has a high degree of mastery, giving complete and flexible tailor-made teaching

One-on-three Class

Students can develop study habits, not easy to give up halfway
Through class, students can meet friends with the same goals and expand interpersonal relationships
Affordable price without burden

Group Class

Many people attend classes and communicate with each other. The motivation is high and the class is the most lively and fun.
Get to know more friends with the same goals and expand interpersonal relationships.
The most affordable price without burden

Standard Package

Regardless of your current level, just leave it to us to analyze and plan make a learning plan that’s best for your current level and goals!

Pre-paid Plans

Give yourself a chance to improve your English once and for all! Purchase more classes and receive great promotions!

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