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As the current global trend drives more people to learn Chinese, TLI has established a solid foundation in Taiwan to connect with the world, not only by embracing a multi-cultural spirit or having a deep cultural connection, but also by creating innovative solutions that connect the world, making TLI the pioneer in Chinese learning.
Unprecedented business opportunities await as the global Chinese learning trend has already resulted in more than 100 million people worldwide learning Chinese, a number that continues to rise.
Over 60 countries have included Chinese into their national education curriculum.
Experts predict that the global Chinese market will reach 60 billion US dollars within 5 years, and it will continue to increase for the next 30 years.
It's been official that Chinese has become the language of 21st century. Many key officials in different governments around the world, industry leaders, and experts from different fields have chose TLI as their Chinese learning institution.
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