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The first Chinese Language School in the world

Over 400,000 students

A Chinese class specifically designed for non-native speakers

Founded in 1956, TLI (Taipei Language Institute) has dedicated itself to language education for over 65 years, as the world's first Chinese school and also one of the top 10 language schools in the world. With TLI Teaching Method and teaching materials that's unrivaled in the world, TLI led the trend in foreigners learning Chinese and making Chinese a powerful language.

Influence of TLI in Chinese learning industry

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    Established a standard in Chinese teaching

    TLI was founded by the "Father of Chinese Teaching", Dr. Marvin Ho. He dedicated his life in Chinese teaching and promoting of Chinese culture, and he also wrote Modern Chinese Cross-Strait Dictionary. He created the standard in Chinese learning as well as the proprietary TLI teaching materials, teaching method, and professional teacher training programs renowned in the world.
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    Specialized in one on one customized service

    TLI has strived in specializing customized language teaching service. With a student-centered approach, we have developed over 200 different types of teaching materials with over 500 volumes of texts on various topics including lifestyle, culture, business, news, technology, medicine, politics, finance, travel, public speaking, interpreting, and children's Chinese.
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    Globally recognized teaching ability

    Invited by Governor Steve Cowper of Alaska, USA, TLI helped Alaska Pacific University establish its Chinese language department, and it also helped Wesleyan University, Whittier College, and University of Delhi establish their Chinese department and become partner schools; helped Yale University in Chinese teacher training and developing of Chinese teaching materials in different levels; signed an agreement with University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University on language credit exchange; co-developed Modern Chinese Cross-Strait Dictionary with Beijing Language and Culture University and hosted the Cross-Strait Chinese Language Collaborative Study Seminar together.
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    Designated brand for embassies, diplomats, and Fortune 500s

    TLI has maintained several decades of relationship with embassies and representative offices all over the world, including the Foreign Service Institute(FSI), US Department of State, AIT, Embassy of the United States, Beijing, representative offices in England, Canada, France, and Germany, and embassies and representative offices in Spain, and Israel, and TLI has always been the designated language training institute for executives and professionals of corporate clients, including American Express, HP, IBM, Intel, Galeries Lafayette, LVMH, Bayer, Siemens, BP, Credit Suisse, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Itochu, Sumitomo, Toyota, and Honda.
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    Trusted by Leaders around the world

    For over 60 years, TLI has trained over 400,000 alumni, many of which have become key government officials in different countries, Chinese diplomats, senators, or leaders in fields like academic education, media, religion, etc., most notably, Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Former President of the Republic of China, Ma Ying-jeou, The Pulitzer Prize winner, Nicholas Kristof, and Harvard University Professor, sinologist, historian, and founder of Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, John King Fairbank, to name a few.
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    Professional Chinese Proficiency Test (CPT) Certificate

    Since 1980, international corporations have requested TLI to conduct TLI-CPT tests in TLI centers around the world; tens of thousands of students have been tested in European, American, and Asian regions.

Exceptional TLI Alumni

  • John King Fairbank

    American sinologist from Harvard University who also founded the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and played a key role in systematizing and professionalizing Chinese studies. Over half of the Chinese studies professors in America’s top universities are his students.
  • Lee Kuan Yew

    Recognized as Singapore’s founding father and served as the first Prime Minister of Singapore. He worked hard to learn Chinese and mentioned it was a language he needed to re-learn in his book, “Lee Kuan Yew’s Chinese Learning Experience”
  • J. Stapleton Roy

    A US diplomat in East Asia between 1991~1995. Graduated from Princeton University. He served as the secretary of political group in AIT in Taipei between 1962~1964, when TLI was responsible for his Chinese training. He was later promoted to assistant secretary in the US Department of State and retired in 2001. He has a unique perspective on the relationships among China, America, and Taiwan and a decorated diplomatic accomplishments.
  • Nicholas D. Kristof
    Sheryl Wu Dunn

    In 1990, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn became the first married couple to receive Pulitzer Prize.

How can we help you excel in Chinese?

1 TLI Learning in different levels

From total beginners to proficient speakers; whether it is daily communication, job interviews, business meetings, or social gatherings… fluent Chinese helps you do anything you want!
Able to ask and answer questions regarding basic information, ordering food, shopping, and other basic daily needs.
Able to give provide more personal information and complete simple daily tasks.
Able to describe in detail people, events, and things related to daily life.
Able to handle daily socializing and complete most daily tasks.
Able to talk about topics that are familiar or interested and handle all daily tasks.
Able to basicaly handle all types of daily tasks and simple tasks at work.
Able to talk about broader topics and comfortably handle all kinds of daily needs such as working out and travel.
Able to fluently communicate with Native Chinese speakers.
Able to handle socializing or tasks related to social events, academia, and professional fields.
Chinese proficiency close to native speakers and can comfortably be in a Chinese environment.

2 TLI Class Types

TLI provides one on one, Term Group Class, and Small Group Class, all focused on listening and speaking abilities. Even a beginner will be able to start talking in 3 months. TLI utilizes professional teaching method that trains listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at the same time in pronunciation, grammar, and expressions that can help you build a solid foundation, and it emphasizes on real-life scenarios as well.
A teacher to train with me (One on one training)
We can design a learning plan just for you with our one on one class. It will be a progressive, focused learning experience.
Class discovery
Train with classmates (Term Group Class)
3-10 student Term Group Class with content that's both diversified and progressive.
Class discovery
Train with friends (self-customized group class)
Get both customization & flexibility of one on one class and the diversity & livelihood of Term Group Class.
Class discovery

Challenge your language ability immediately!

Chinese level test

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