Core research & development on Education Technology

Our research & development and teams power TLI by integrating a solid foundation in Chinese teaching, global education experience, and more than 10 years of management experience, to create the most professional Chinese learning methods.

Excelling at training Chinese teachers

TLI has been doing Chinese teacher training for a very long time, withover 50,000 alumni. By affiliating with universities in foreign countries and leveraging the relationship to provide student exchange programs, TLI has helped students advance their studies. Some foreign universities also provide scholarship for students or recruit TLI alumni as assistant professors, business managers of Chinese department, or people in charge of overseas Chinese schools. Among the alumni are several prominent figures such as Prof. Gao Gong-yi of Stanford University, USA, Prof. Zhou Zhi-Ping of Princeton University, Prof. Shi Bi-Lun of Cornell University, Prof. Chen Guang-Cai of University of Wisconsin, Prof. Lin Dai-Zhu-Yu of Yale University and Wesleyan University, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese teacher, Yu Hou, and countless others.

We Take Pride in our World-Class Faculty Team

A Chinese Faculty Team of the Highest Caliber
1. Meticulously selected native speakers with a bachelor's degree or higher, relevant professional background, and extensive knowledge in Chinese culture and linguistics.
2. All teachers must pass a TLI teacher training class and evaluation to receive their certificate.
3. All teachers intern, audit other classes, and pass a demo teaching class before becoming a TLI Chinese teacher.
4. All teachers have an average of 600 hours of teaching experience.
5. All teachers have the most accurate native pronunciation.
6. TLI teachers have been invited by renowned foreign universities to be their assistant professors, such as Stanford University, Yale University, and Brown University in America.

Charismatic Foreign Teachers with Extensive Experience

1. We have the most high-quality native-speaking foreign teachers from around the world.
2. All teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher, with solid teaching experience in language exam preparation and business language.
3. Recognized by corporations and education agencies for their extensive experience in on-site teaching and professional & lively teaching methods.

Don't hesitate anymore,Learning can't be done overnight, but there's an effective way to learn.