Chinese Class

A chatroom for good friends to hangout

Find your friends and enjoy learning Chinese together

Learn Chinese together with family and friends with endless topics to talk about, making it more interesting!


Flexible class scheduling

Take advantage of the flexibility and customization of one on one class and the diversity and liveliness of small group class, along with in-class scenario practice, to let you fully use what you have learned in class.

Choose your own study partners and decide the number of students

Decide the class time and number of students yourself and customize the lessons to your needs.
Have the same learning progress as your family and friends and learn together to greatly improve your efficiency.

Systematic learning can help you adapt to local life.

Achieve your goal in a progressive matter by utilizing TLI's proprietary teaching materials to effortlessly, quickly, and effectively learn Chinese.

Organize your own group and we'll start the class for you

Only 2 people are needed to start a class. Let us know your needs and a consultant will contact you and assist you in achieving your study goals.

Challenge your language ability immediately!

Chinese level test

Come test your Chinese ability!