Chinese Class

Group classes, creating a valuable learning experience

High cost-effectiveness, customized learning, flexible learning partner combinations. Learning with greater motivation!


High cost-effectiveness

Budget-friendly, small classes with 2-4 students provide ample practice opportunities, and high-quality teaching. Start your language journey and achieve fluent communication goals!

Learning partners, flexible combinations

Through small class sizes, meet like-minded individuals with common interests and topics, enhancing interactive learning and doubling the effectiveness.

Customized courses for a more flexible learning experience

Combining the customized flexibility of one-on-one courses with the dynamic and diverse nature of semester classes, with a wide range of topics and free interaction, let's create wonderful learning moments together.

Organize your own group and we'll start the class for you

Only 2 people are needed to start a class. Let us know your needs and a consultant will contact you and assist you in achieving your study goals.

Challenge your language ability immediately!

Chinese level test

Come test your Chinese ability!