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TLI focuses on Chinese language teaching and promotion of Chinese culture, and is well aware of the needs and goals of corporate training. We tailor make corporate-specific Chinese training courses according to the characteristics and specialties of different industries. No matter individual classes or group classes, front-line employees or senior managers, they can greatly improve their Chinese communication skills in a short period of time!
*If you need Chinese training programs such as In-company Chinese training, corporate internal Chinese training, corporate group Chinese courses, corporate employee Chinese education and training, corporate external training, corporate expatriate lecturers, etc., please take the initiative to contact us.

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We have the most professional and responsible teachers and consultants!

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Our teachers use different methods for different students based on their unique needs

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TLI is well aware of the pain points of corporate language training. You are more than welcome to inquire about our multi-language training programs!

TLI Corporate Chinese Training Features

TLI teaching advantages


Tailored course planning

We provide personalized and customized Chinese training courses based on the needs of different industries.

Professional Certified Faculty

TLI has the largest number of teachers with the highest quality and richest teaching experience, covering various professional fields and backgrounds, with cultural and linguistic conservatism.

Professional certified teachers

Result-oriented learning plan: with the "mid-term feedback", "final examination" and "final evaluation report"as checkpoints, corporate HR will easily grasp the learning progress and effectiveness of students, and then achieve corporate talent training goals.

Varied training programs

TLI provides a variety of options to facilitate companies and their employees based on their time and mobility. You can choose to study in TLI physical schools, online classes or even blended learning. TLI teachers are able to travel to companies for teaching.

Textbooks translated into various languages

TLI textbooks are available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, pinyin and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, while basic textbooks are available in English, Japanese, Thai, German, and French translations.

Rich experience of talent cultivation

Long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, whether it is assisting foreign employees to integrate into the local surroundings or coaching Taiwanese elites to set up factories overseas, all are within the scope of TLI's services. Improving the internal and external communication efficiency of multinational enterprises, and enhancing employees' trust in the organization.

Global brands we have worked with

TLI has served in the fields of business, academics and diplomacy for more than 65 years, focusing on Fortune 500 companies

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    Specialized themes

    TLI's professional teaching team will formulate unique learning plans according to the characteristics of different markets and industries, covering topics such as cross-cultural communication, business communication skills, precise expression, business Chinese, technology and environmental protection, and international situations.
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    TLI's unique teaching method

    For all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing training, to consolidate the foundation of Chinese learning. At least three teachers are provided to teach in rotation, so that students can familiarize themselves with different speech rates and intonations, making it is easier to adapt to various situations in real life.
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    Professional Chinese Proficiency Certificate

    Since its launch in 1980, the "TLI-CPT" has been offered and evaluated at TLI's global campuses and by international companies. The number of students tested has reached 10,000 in Europe, America and Asia. At the same time, according to their needs, students can be guided to pass various verification tests, including: HSK, TOCFL and language tests designated by enterprises.

Curriculum Content

Evaluation System

01Satisfaction Survey


Midterm questionnaire
Student-led teaching evaluation


Student attendance

Course attendance sheet
Assessment of student performance

03Learning outcome

Study quiz

Final exam

Cooperation Process


Understand corporate language learning needs and goals


Confirm the class time and arrange suitable professional teachers to teach


Both parties reach a consensus and sign a contract


Student grading test and planning class


Start a class
(Track the progress of the course at any time, and decide whether to take the final test according to the needs of the students)


Branch schools

We can arrange students to take classes in a TLI physical school, comfortable space, face-to-face interaction, so that the learning can be maximized.

Learn from anywhere

Teachers can be dispatched to teach at designated locations such as homes, companies, and institutions. TLI also helps to train and assign native English teachers for institutions and schools, in order to improve their teaching quality and credibility.

Online learning

No matter where you are, as long as a computer or mobile phone is connected to the Internet, you can enter TLI's online teaching platform, and you can immediately have face-to-face video lessons with teachers.

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