Chinese Teacher Training Course
TLI International Chinese Teacher Certification Course
Become a Popular Chinese teacher Develop a Diverse Career

There is a Chinese learning craze around the world, opportunity is waiting for you!

The global Chinese craze has many business opportunities. The number of people learning Chinese exceeds 100 million, and it continues to rise. More than 60 countries have incorporated Chinese language teaching into their national education systems. The global Chinese market will exceed US$60 billion in the next three years, and demand will not be saturated in the next 30 years.
Do you want to know how to guide non-native speakers to learn Chinese? Do you want to develop a second specialty and have a certificate? Do you want to be a Chinese teacher overseas and have a totally different life experience?華語教師_2
This course can provide help and give you a complete understanding of Chinese teaching.
Why should you choose TLI Chinese Teacher Training Course?

Equal attention to theory and practice

Compared with test skills, TLI pays more attention to turning difficult theories into practice. Therefore, you can immediately start teaching when facing foreign students after training.

Simplified and Traditional Chinese Teaching Ability

Aiming to have the teaching ability of foreign students across the Cross-strait, the training courses in TLI include the teaching of "Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin", as well as the "Comparison of Cross-Strait Vocabulary".

Strong faculty

Consider the fact that there is more than one teacher from the first class till the final. TLI's teachers include "linguistic consultants, senior Chinese teachers from Cross-straits, and professors from the Chinese Language Teaching Department", forming a perfect team.

Prosperous teaching opportunities

After the training is completed, if the application is approved, you will be able to teach in TLI's global branches and online.
Three Main Characteristics of the Course
TLI not only to teach you exam photos. TLI's mission is to help you become a qualified Chinese teacher and teach Chinese after graduation.
Lecturers with rich teaching experience
Practical teaching opportunities
Analysis of Chinese Teaching Theory
Four Main Advantages
TLI carefully instructs the students to pronounce the pronunciation parts, and the pronunciation is the most professional one!
TLI provides practical teaching tips, so you can get started fast!
TLI has students with diverse backgrounds from all over the world
After the course, you can teach both online and offline
Who is suitable for this course?
Those who are interested in Chinese language teaching and are interested in teaching Chinese
Those who plan to immigrate or go overseas to serve as a Chinese language teacher
Those who plan to cultivate second professional expertise and enhance competitiveness of social elites
Those who are interested in the editing of Chinese textbooks and are willing to invest in the publishing business of textbooks
Eligibility for Registration
There are no restrictions on age or professional background for TLI Chinese teacher courses, from students to retirees. Anyone who is enthusiastic and interested in Chinese teaching are welcome to register as long as they are over 18 years old! If you do not have a college degree or above, please prepare a recommendation letter. The recommendation letter can be written by your director, colleagues, friends or family members. The main content includes your motivation and purpose for participating in the course to recommend you to participate in the course.
Let's start your journey as a Chinese teacher