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Experience the mystery of the Chinese world, speak Chinese, and explore Chinese Culture!

Language and culture are inseparable

Language and culture are two sides of the same coin. TLI offers a variety of cultural experience courses for foreigners in Taiwan, combining Chinese learning and cultural experience. TLI hopes that students will expore traditional Chinese culture while studying Chinese courses to further improve their Chinese by understanding Chinese culture.

Four Characteristics of TLI Cultural Courses

The design of diversified course materials is both life-oriented and practical, and cultivates the ability to use Chinese in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
The courses in TLI focuses on the characteristics of Chinese culture and combines elements of history, art, and humanities to understand the beauty of Chinese culture.
TLI emphasizes the spirit of "learning by doing, doing while learning", and achieves learning results through practical experience.
TLI strengthens daily life conversation ability, and connects it to cultural life to enhance retention.

Experince the Charm of Chinese Culture and Make Chinese Learning More Fun

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    Tasting Chinese Teaism

    The art of Chinese tea ceremony has a long history and profound cultural background, which emphasizes the essence of leisure and peace in the process of tasting tea. This class will guide students to master the basics of tea ceremony knowledge and feel the leisure and peace in the rush and chaos of the city.
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    Chinese Cuisine DIY

    Do you like Chinese food? Come to TLI to cook together and learn Chinese! Let the TLI team lead you to learn Chinese kitchen skills and make Chinese noodles and Taiwan-specific desserts, such as pot stickers, dumplings, scallion pancakes, xiaolongbao, sun cakes, pearl milk tea, etc. Every year, special occasions are celebrated in TLI, such as glutinous rice balls for Lantern Festival and dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival, so that students can sample Chinese festive delicacies.
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    Oriental Artistic Beauty

    Traditional music emphasizes neutrality, simplicity, moderation, subtlety, and ethereal artistic expression, with mainly pentatonic scale. The TLI team has meticulously planned small classes and personalized teaching, appreciating traditional Chinese music, learning traditional musical instruments of their choice such as Huqin, Zither, Guqin, Chinese drums, so that students can understand the beauty of Chinese culture through traditional music in addition to language.
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    Have a go at Chinese Mahjong

    Mahjong not only has unique game characteristics, but also has the charm of games that integrate puzzles, fun, and games, as well as the characteristics of rich connotation and long history of oriental culture. Therefore, it has become an important part of the treasure house of traditional Chinese culture. Mahjong has a long history and has always been loved by the people. Playing mahjong is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a relaxing one. TLI will take you to play mahjong to learn Chinese and experience the ingenuity of mahjong in fun.
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    Fresh experience of folk culture

    Taiwan’s famous landmarks and folk activities have always been rich in cultural and historical backgrounds and interesting stories, which are worth visiting and experiencing in person. For example, the Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi, the worship at Xingtian Temple, the Neimen Song-Jiang Battle Array in Kaohsiung, the Nuit Blanche in Taipei, and the Dragon Boat Festival during the Dragon Boat Festival. TLI will lead the students to personally participate in and explain these interesting and culturally significant activities.
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    Chinese Martial Arts-Tai Chi and Kung Fu

    There is a saying in the Taijiquan Sutra that "Every movement does not move." This sentence thoroughly shows that every movement of Tai Chi is gathered from the inside. In addition to exercising the body, it can also cultivate the body. Kungfu, also known as martial arts, is the crystallization of national wisdom. The core of its thinking is the Confucian doctrine of nourishing "Qi", and it also integrates Taoism's calmness and softness, stressing the combination of strength and softness. TLI selects professional teachers with a solid foundation to teach students Tai Chi and Kung Fu skills.
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    Rap Chinese Pop

    In today's global Chinese pop music world, there are countless good songs worth listening to over and over again, and Chinese songs play a pivotal role in the development of global pop music. TLI selects songs that are representative of the time and culture, allowing students to learn Chinese through songs, making Chinese catchy and easy to learn.
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    Learn Chinese through Chinese Film

    The epitome of culture can be seen in movies. The film appreciation course in TLI includes appreciation of Chinese mainland movies, Hong Kong movies and Taiwanese movies. TLI’s selected films allow students to learn Chinese through films and can also have a deeper understanding of culture.

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