Chinese Class

Group learning mutual motivation, and more fun.

Make friends in a different way, practice socializing while learning Chinese. Come and build your study buddy community!


Systematic Teaching

Chinese courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced levels. Each term lasts for three months, with classes held at a fixed frequency per week. Relevant courses are available for learners at all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. All classes are taught in Chinese, allowing students to immerse themselves in a fully Chinese learning environment.

Emphasis on listening and speaking, reaching an intermediate level through phonetic symbols.

The course starts from the basics and progresses gradually, focusing on building a solid foundation in listening and speaking, naturally transitioning to the stages of reading and typing.

Interactive Learning

Small group activities and discussions are interspersed in the classroom to facilitate peer interaction and exchange. Combined with cultural content and outdoor activities, learners naturally grasp language focal points and challenging areas, enhancing the enjoyment of learning.
*The Taiwan campus meets the requirement of a minimum of 15 hours per week for visa application.

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