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With over 20 years of foreign language teaching experience, TLI specializes in highly customized one-on-one classes. Students are able to see significant improvements in our full-English learning environment and goal-oriented teaching methods.

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Aiming for greater achievements or a higher salary? Join TLI and learn English, Japanese, Korean, German, and French easily anytime, anywhere. Our professional faculty has assisted over 10,000 students achieve their learning goals and create a better life.

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TLI provides a series of business classes and customized services. We can send teachers to corporations and create a fully customized training for employees, whether your purpose is for the company or for individual development, we will be able to fulfil them.

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Language Class Overview

English Course

With practical life dialogue, professional foreign teacher training, quickly master the essentials of conversation.
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Japanese course

Courses include Japanese for daily life, Japanese for business, Japanese for certification, Japanese for travel, which are suitable for beginners to advanced level.
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Korean courses

The course includes the cultivation of daily conversation skills, the ability to speak and answer questions and answers required in daily life, as well as familiarity with basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, and pronunciation.
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European language class

Classes include French, German, and more. Class content is divided into different levels. High-quality teachers from around the world will let total beginners grasp the key to learning a different language and allow students to also experience foreign culture and express their own ideas.
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