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Systematic Chinese Learning Material Developed by TLI

Since 1960, TLI has developed over 200 kinds of teaching materials in multiple languages, including diversified topic-based materials, teaching workbooks, and multimedia materials that are suitable for all kinds of industries and students from different countries.

TLI Teaching Material Development

after years of research and testing, our emphasis is to be student-centered and to design teaching materials which match the five main principles - topic-based, practical, systematic, scientific, and enriching.
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Teaching Materials Translated Versions

TLI teaching materials come in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, with either Pinyin or Bopomofo (Zhuyin) versions. Basic teaching materials come in English, Japanese, Thai, German, and French Translated Versions.

Teaching Materials Diversity selections

The teaching materials include topics such as lifestyle, business, culture, news, religion, and other diverse selections; we also have materials such as tourism, food, shopping, and other topics for short-term students.
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Beginner Textbooks

New Practical Chinese

Book 1 & 2, Total of 24 lessons, 850 Vocabularies, 120 Sentence patterns, Traditional / Simplified Chinese to English / Japanese Edition, including audio file

A text that starts from basic pronunciation to practical words, patterns, practices, conversations, and activities in each lesson. It will help you adapt to Taiwanese culture from learning topics such as self-introduction, greeting, communication with locals, socializing, ordering food, and other everyday conversation.

Chinese For Everyday Life

Book 1, 20 lessons, 650 Vocabularies, 100 Sentence patterns, English / Japanese Edition

A text that focuses on helping short-term students learn practical Chinese, in order to be able to carry basic conversations with the locals in a short period of time.

New Read Chinese

Book 1 & 2, Total of 40 lessons, 600 Vocabularies, Traditional /Simplified Chinese Edition

The text includes learning strokes and stroke order to be able to read and write 600 Chinese characters. Mandatory for intermediate reading class.

Intermediate Textbooks

New Intermediate Chinese Dialogues

Book 1 & 2, Total of 20 lessons, 1000 Vocabularies, 120 Sentence patterns, Traditional / Simplified Chinese to English / Japanese Edition, including audio file

Each lesson consists of practical vocabularies, sentence patterns, practice, conversation, and activities. Focuses on the ability to react and express clearly in familiar situations such as general leisure, school, work, etc., explain own perspective with modifying language, and exchange opinions.

New Read Chinese

Book 3, 15 lessons, 400 Vocabularies, Traditional /Simplified Chinese Edition

Start this textbook after learning 600 characters from book 1 & 2 and you will master a total of 1000 characters, which is mandatory for Advanced Reading class.

High-Intermediate Textbooks

Picture Story

Book 1, 11 Units, 1350 Vocabularies, Traditional / Simplified to English Edition, includes Pinyin

It focuses on daily life and helps students clearly describe experiences, situations, dreams, and wishes.

Travel Across The Strait

Book 1, 20 Lessons, 980 Vocabularies, Traditional / Simplified English Edition

Get to know the differences in cross-strait culture and characteristics, communicate fluently with native speakers, and express thoughts clearly on various topics. Covers everyday social interactions and work needs, as well as basic writing ability.

Banking and Securities

Book 1, 12 lessons, 150 Vocabularies, Simplified Chinese to English Edition, including Pinyin & CD

Introduces different banking operations, security investment preparations, stock monitoring, and actual investments. The most precise and professional material that provides businessmen technical terms in learning more about banking and stocks.

Advanced Textbooks

Business Chinese Dialogues

Book 1 & 2, Total of 20 lessons,1150 Vocabularies, Simplified Chinese to English Edition, including Pinyin & CD

Opportunity to talk about familiar business topics, express yourself correctly with speaking techniques, and describe details clearly. Teaches how to develop a point of view further and make appropriate conclusions. Trains basic negotiation and bargaining skills.

A Collection of Three-Minute Chinese Speech For Foreign Learners

Book 1, 20 lessons, 550 Vocabularies, Simplified / Traditional Chinese to English / Japanese Edition, including Pinyin & CD

Helps foreigners grasp the fundamentals of making speeches on stage. The text includes many different social occasions such as weddings, funerals, parties, celebrations, opening toasts, official functions, etc., to cultivate students’ ability to make impromptu speeches.

Focus News

8 books (Economics、Economic & Trade Agreements、Politics & Corruption、Environmental Protection & Feed Safety、Diplomacy & Military、Illegal Immigration & Public Order、The Cross-Strait Relations)

Social Phenomena Students improve their Chinese reading skills by reading different news topics and understanding international status and social phenomenon.

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