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〔Study Chinese in China〕I Learn Mandarin in TLI Beijing Branch

My name is Paula, I am from Brazil. when I arrived in China one and a half year ago, I could hardly ask for a cup of water in Chinese at the restaurant! Cannot speak Chinese is very inconvenient to me, so I decided to learn mandarin. I chose to go to TLI (Taipei Language Institute) to start my Mandarin Learning Journey. My Mandarin teacher is Suki from TLI Tianjin, and until now, I have been studying with Suki for one year and a half. I was really surprise to find that my Mandarin is improving day by day.

After I started to learn Mandarin in TLI Beijing, my daily life in China has become more convenient than before. China is no longer a place that was difficult for me to live, and my daily life here has become much more interesting after learning mandarin.

Now I can speak a little Chinese. I can go shopping in the mall in Beijing, talk to the salesmen and communicate with Taxi driver in Chinese on my own. Chinese people appreciate and praise me for my Mandarin Speaking. This encourage me a lot to keep learning Mandarin. I’d like to say “Thank you, Suki. Thank you, TLI”. I’ll keep learning Chinese here in TLI!

Author:TLI Beijing Paula

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