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A suitable Chinese Class Schduled in TLI for a Plastic Surgeon Doctor

Hi, my name is Daniel, I come from Germany and I have been learning Mandarin for one year now at the Taipei branch of TLI. Since I came here, I have been working as a Plastic Surgeon in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. As a doctor, communication with patients and colleagues is a very substantial part of the practice and professional skills, and I was definitely planning to take lessons when I decided to come to Taiwan.

All TLI teachers that taught me so far have been great. Because my work schedule is somewhat busy, TLI easily managed to provide suitable lesson timetable for me. Hanna, Emma and Rita laoshi helped me greatly from taking the first baby steps to being quite good in everyday and professional conversations. For Europeans, this language has the reputation of being very hard to learn and understand, but I have to say that once You take the leap, it is really interesting how fast You can speak in everyday situations.

Luckily, I have the very convenient situation that my wife is also a language teacher for Japanese, and she also learns Mandarin and teaches both Japanese and German at TLI. We both enjoy speaking Mandarin now at home, and want to keep improving even when we get back to Germany. For us, Taiwan is such a wonderful experience, and it would be much less so if we weren’t able to immerse in the culture, food and friendships we gained through our still limited but priceless Mandarin skills. So thanks to TLI, my teachers and Taiwan; You all have a special place in my heart. 謝謝你!

Author:Daniel – German, 2015

Chinese Class Introduction

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