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How to find the best Mandarin tutor or private Chinese tutor

Before the modern era,  it wasn't easy to learn Mandarin Chinese or any other dialect without living in the country, but thanks to technological advancement, many people are now learning Chinese through online tutors.

The best part of it is that you can learn Chinese in any part of the world if you have the best private Chinese tutor.

However, the most challenging part of learning Chinese online is finding the best Mandarin tutor. We have compiled all the tips on choosing a great Chinese tutor.

#1. Someone who is experienced as a tutor

Choosing an experienced private Chinese tutor is one of the essential factors determining if you can succeed in learning Chinese. It is easy for anyone who lives in China to say that they can teach Mandarin, but the problem is that not everyone in the country has a thorough understanding of the language and how to teach it.

Some people learned how to teach it as a skill, just like; many artists could not teach you how to draw, or many actors could not teach you how to act. It takes more than just living in the country or being a native speaker to be a good tutor.

An excellent Chinese tutor should have the necessary experience as a tutor, including working as a one-on-one tutor, guiding students, and understanding their challenges.

Some of the questions to assess a tutor's experience include:

  • How long have you been a mandarin tutor or a private Chinese tutor?

  • Do you take your time to educate your students, or are you just doing it for the money?

  • Have you ever had a one-on-one session with students, or is this your first time?

  • Do you have an outline for teaching your students?

  • Have you been successful in educating a student on how to speak Chinese?

  • Do you understand that it takes time for anybody to learn a language, and are you willing to walk your student through it?

#2. Someone who will encourage you by giving you regular and well-timed feedback

As you study Chinese, a teacher can be a great source of motivation and support. Taking classes might help you learn the language and make it easier than learning it independently.

Many private Chinese tutors are excellent at encouraging their students, and speaking Chinese in China will get you a lot of compliments. However, getting relevant professional feedback is one of the reasons why you would want to hire a Mandarin tutor.

Some tutors are excellent but reluctant to correct errors, which is not beneficial. If your instructor isn't providing comments or feedback, you may need to ask. If they point out significant errors, you should inquire.

Don't be scared to ask your Mandarin tutor to be harsh on you if it demands it. And after each class, ask for specific words, tones, or structures that you got wrong, as well as general suggestions for what you need to improve.

#3. Someone who has a great personality and vibe

This is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a Mandarin tutor because not being able to joke and bond with your instructor can make learning tedious and difficult. Here are some things that determine if your private Chinese tutor would be an excellent fit.

Common Interest

If you do not have anything in common with your tutor, that could mean that they are not a good fit for you. So, you have to ask yourself whether you like talking with them, are they fun to be with, or do you like their personality and enjoy discussing other topics.

If you've reached a point where you can talk about issues to some extent, but what you want to talk about isn't something they've dealt with before, learning together may be more difficult.

One of the benefits of having a private Chinese tutor is improving your overall Chinese, including speaking and listening skills. So, if you don't have anything to talk about, you'll have a problem moving forward.

The better situation is that they're intriguing, and your discussions with them are part of what pushes you to keep improving and attending your Chinese lectures. However, You can progress with a dull tutor who only assigns tasks, but it won't be enjoyable.

Good Personality Traits Like Patience

Making mistakes as a learner is an inevitable aspect of learning any language. As a result, you will make several errors when learning the Chinese language.

For example, you may make mistakes with the tones until you master them and mispronounce words. You may also forget how to form a sentence and write all of the characters you learn, at least for some time. You need to choose a private Chinese tutor who understands that making errors is an inevitable part of learning Chinese.

A close friend might not make a good tutor because they might not have the time or patience to sit with you and listen to you while you make mistakes.

The best instructors are always patient and ready to guide and correct you while making mistakes, even if it takes time.

#4. Know your goals

Knowing your goal before hiring a private Chinese tutor is crucial since it will help you determine the qualities you need in a Mandarin tutor.

Many people desire to learn it to connect with their coworkers, and some may be interested because they are studying for a test. In contrast, others may already know the language but require grammatical courses. So, you need to determine why you want to learn Chinese before hiring a private Chinese tutor.

Keep in mind that any tutor can explain a specific lesson, but only an exceptional tutor can leave an incredible impact on any student, influencing them positively for the rest of their lives.

Many people offer Chinese lessons, but only exceptional tutors can learn Chinese. If you are looking for a great Chinese tutor, then TLI (Taipei language institute) is your best choice.