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Branches in China


In addition to being a key city for economic development, Beijing is a city with a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, which is home to the world’s largest palace-the Forbidden City, the internationally renowned Great Wall and other places of interest, as well as local customs and folklore. As a result, it is the first choice for immersive learning.

Beijing Branch

Located in the commercial center of Chaoyang District, Beijing is close to the embassies, the location is central and the transportation is convenient.
Abundant courses, professional teaching staff, relaxed and comfortable learning environment.
TLI Beijing branch is able to provide long-term and short-term student visas.


C509, International Youth University, No.40, Liangmaqiao Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100016

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As an ancient city with 600 years of history that has combined features from both western and eastern cultures, Tianjin has both dazzling, traditional buildings and buildings with features of western architecture. Students who visit here are recommended to see the unique Porcelain House, originally a French-style mansion that was decorated with about 400 million pieces of ancient Chinese ceramic chips, which is so breathtaking that it gives new meaning to the phrase, "Fine China".

Tianjin Branch

Located in the Hedong District in Tianjin with convenient transportation.
Professional Faculty Team with an average of more than 10 years of experience.
Personalized teaching plans according to each student's situation; comprehensive learning materials are provided to ensure great learning results.


B-1807, Sunny Square. Shiyijing Rd., Hedong District, Tianjin, China 300171

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As an ancient capital with a history of more than two thousand years, historical landmarks are everywhere, and Guangzhou is also the birthplace of major historical events such as the modern revolutionary uprising, and a treasure trove of humanities. Thus, Guangzhou has a superior geographical location and numerous scenic spots, with flowers blooming throughout the year. Learning in "Flower City" is definitely an enviable experience.

Guangzhou Branch

Located in Tianhe Commercial District, Guangzhou, TLI Guangzhou branch is the educational, cultural and commercial center between CITIC Plaza and Guangzhou East Railway Station.
TLI Guangzhou branch has experienced professional faculty and high-quality modern teaching facilities.
Adhering to the student-centered teaching philosophy, TLI provides flexible selection of a variety of teaching materials and courses, with outstanding teaching results, and is deeply loved by students and consulate students from all over the world.


Room 3105, Unit Youyage, Phase I, Tianyu Garden, No. 158 Linhe Middle Rd., Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 510620

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Dalian is a city without a scalding summer or freezing cold winter, and instead it has a pleasant climate. Due to its historical factors, Dalian has many European buildings and a century-old tram, which creates a special landscape. Sitting on the mountains and viewing the sea, with Chinese and Western-style buildings, Dalian is worthy of being called the "most Romantic city".

Dalian Branch

Dalian branch is located in the prosperous part of the development zone, and the transportation is convenient.
There is a concentration of foreign businessmen, and there are all kinds of cultural delicacies available.
The pleasant climate creates a warm and hospitable character.


Room 1002, 10F., Gugeng International Business Building, No.138, Jinma Rd., Dalian Development Area, Dalian, China 116600

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Shanghai is China's economic and financial shipping center and an excellent tourist city. Based on the traditional culture of the south of the Yangtze River in China, Shanghai has gradually merged with foreign European and American cultures, forming a fashionable city with strong Shanghai style culture that is both ancient and modern, traditional and fashionable. It not only has a century-old cultural monument, but also has modern high-rise buildings. TLI believes the goodness is just like water, Shanghai, which is full of rivers and rivers, can bring you the vicissitudes of history and culture, and it can also bring you the shock of rapid development. TLI Shanghai branch is located in Lujiazui Financial District, Xujiahui Commercial District and Zhongshan Park Commercial District. Learning Chinese in Shanghai will definitely bring you a fresh and special experience.

Pudong Branch

A fixed team of faculty and unified teaching methods ensure that your learning goals are reached as soon as possible.
The customized courses will help you study, work and live in China with ease.
The class time and place are flexible. You can choose to take classes at TLI branches, company or apartment from 7 am to 9 pm.


Suite A19, Oriental International Technology Building, No.58, Xiangcheng Rd., Pudong New District, Shanghai, China 200122

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Xuhui Branch

Connect with teachers who have taught for more than 10 years and have rich teaching experience.
The Shanghai branch is located in the center of the city, within a well-developed business district.
Rich cultural classes and experience activities


Suite E, 11 F, No.88 Caoxi North Road, Shanghai, China 200030

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Zhongshan Branch

The transportation is convenient. Line 2 goes directly to Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station. Located in the Zhongshan Park business district, with complete living facilities, it is very close to the Gubei Japanese living district.
The atmosphere in TLI is relaxed. After class, teachers and students chat and communicate like friends. Being at TLI feels like being at another home, welcoming and comfortable.
Opposite is Zhongshan Park, which is open 24 hours, with fresh air, suitable for rest and relaxation.


NO.300, Huaning Plaza, Mid Court, Room 804, Xuanhua Road, Changning, Shanghai, China 200050

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Branches in Japan


Tokyo, not only inherits the ancient fine traditions, but also integrates the most advanced technology, constantly changing and continuously generating innovative values. It has a variety of features rarely seen in other cities in the world, and is a charming city.

Tokyo Branch

Studying in TLI Tokyo branch, students can communicate with a variety of companies.
Convenient transportation
A number of senior lecturers, provide fruitful communication topics, and thus can respond to a variety of needs from the students.


2-2-3, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 100-0011, Japan Hibiya International Building 1st floor

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Osaka is a charming, relaxing city with a vigorous nightlife and delicacies for you to indulge in. Aside from shopping and modern attractions, Osaka also has a historical side. One of the most astonishing places is the Osaka Castle. This castle is a great place for visitors who want to learn more about Japan's history, and a nearby streets are a wonderful spot for visitors to take a stroll.

Osaka Branch

Close to Umeda station, a commercial district with convenient transportation.
Great selection of classes and comfortable learning environment.
Close to Umeda station, a commercial district with convenient transportation.


1-3-1Oosakaekimaedai1 Bld. 5F 3-4 sitsu, Umeda, Osaka Shi Kita Ku, Osaka Fu, 530-0001, Japan

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