Foreign Language Class

Immersed in the full foreign language environment of TLI, you can naturally speak a fluent foreign language

The Uniqueness of TLI Foreign Language Teaching

Experienced Foreign Teachers

TLI has the largest number of foreign teachers with the highest quality, native speakers from all over the world and rich teaching experience. The faculty members in TLI each have a university degree or higher education level, solid language certification test training experience, business foreign language teaching experience, and are often sent to major companies and schools to teach.

Specialize in one-to-one and customized services

TLI has more than 20 years of foreign language teaching experience, and has long been committed to customized and refined language teaching services. The whole mother tongue environment and goal-oriented teaching make the learning effect visible.

Multi-language easy to learn

Do you want to have high achievement and good salary? Join TLI and learn English, Japanese, Korean, German, and French easily anytime, anywhere. Our professional teachers have helped more than 10,000 students achieve their language learning goals and move towards a new life.

TLI is a brand that designated by corporate internal training leading brand and embassies, diplomats, and top 500 global leading companies

TLI has cooperated with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign government agencies, top 500 global companies, and teaching institutions at all levels to provide a series of business courses and customized services. Teachers can teach at your company to provide the most complete language training for employees.

Exclusive Golden Ratio Teaching Method

The basic concept of "TLI Golden Teaching Method" is "Everything is student-centered". Through a three-stage teaching design, comprehensive training of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills allow you to learn easily, quickly and efficiently!

Diverse options

Whether it is a standardized course plan, a stored value plan for class hours, or a customized plan, TLI gives you flexibility and multiple options. You can customize the curriculum according to your own needs, or let an online consultant help you create an exclusive learning plan. You can have classes with preferred time and frquency.

Suitable for those who have passion and dreams of better life


Zero-based learners

Learning the correct pronunciation with native teachers, start with simple life situations, learning is fun and effective.

Dreaming of expertise development

Dreaming of foreign cultures, interested in foreign language learning, as a leisure hobby, you can also develop a second specialty.

Dreaming of obtainiing a certification

TLI helps you take a certificate to prove your strength, and let a professional teacher help you! TLI provides simulated exercises with analysis and efficient learning for you to achieve high scores.

Dreaming of to career development

It is better to take the initiative to wait passively, to prevent your language ability from becoming an obstacle to promotion, and to create more chances of scoring and winning in life.

Companies that want to move one step forward

Communication ability is the competitiveness of an enterprise, which helps employees to improve their language skills, and the enterprise develops to a higher level.

Dreaming of studying abroad to realize your dream

The world is quite huge! Are you dreaming to travel abroad, study abroad, work, live in a different place? You can expand the life experience, and make your way to the future broader.

Language learning is the best investment that will last a lifetime

How can TLI help your foreign language reach the top?

English Course

With practical life dialogue, professional foreign teacher training, quickly master the essentials of conversation.
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Japanese course

Courses include Japanese for daily life, Japanese for business, Japanese for certification, Japanese for travel, which are suitable for beginners to advanced level.
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Korean courses

The course includes the cultivation of daily conversation skills, the ability to speak and answer questions and answers required in daily life, as well as familiarity with basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, and pronunciation.
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German courses

The courses include pronunciation courses, commercial German, German for children, customized themes, German for life, German verification, German for tourism, and corporate training. With comprehensive training, anyone can speak German quickly .
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French courses

The course includes the cultivation of daily conversation skills, the ability to speak and answer questions and answers required in daily life, and familiarity with basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, and pronunciation.
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To improve your foreign language skills at TLI, you can...

Understand basic daily conversation

Understand simple movies or news, drama programs

Can communicate through letter, presentation, and articles

You can introduce yourself without thinking

Come to a business proposal or speech anytime

Effortless communication with native speakers

Like the locals, travel to other places and live short-term lives

Expatriate work, no obstacle to business communication

Refined and customized teaching, have classes according to your needs!

TLI offers three types of classes: "one-on-one", "exquisite small class", and "self-grouping class". The first emphasis is on listening and speaking ability. Even beginners can talk in three months.TLI adopts professional teaching to comprehensively cultivate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and emphasizes the application of life situations, from pronunciation, grammar to expression, it can lay a solid foundation for you.

One-on-one course


One-self combination course


Group course


Language Training for Corporation

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TLI encourages students to learn a second foreign language, and thus employees have greatly upgrated the strength of the company