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Learn Chinese in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and experience the charm of the ocean capital!

Experience the good life in Kaosiung

Kaohsiung is the third-largest city in Taiwan and has the unique “Ocean Capital” characteristic. The "New York Times" selected it as one of the "Top 52 Favorite Places in 2021". Due to the adjustment of the ocean, it is sunny throughout the year and has a pleasant climate.
Kaohsiung is a fusion of Fuk Lao, Hakka, Pingpu, Tsou, Rukai, Bunun, and Paiwan indeginous tribe cultural. It is a city which blends mountains, ocean, ports, and historical sites together. In Kaohsiung, you can not only experience its unique atmosphere, but also taste the delicacies and appreciate diverse ethnic cultures. Welcome to Kaohsiung to learn Chinese and experience the warm beauty of the ocean capital.


TLI Kaohsiung Branch is located in the center of Kaohsiung. It is easily accessible that close to MRT Station, Central Park, Sanduo Shopping District, Xinjuejiang Shopping District, Ziqiang Night Market, etc. While learning Chinese, you can enjoy the great food, sightseeing, culture, and natural scenery. TLI Kaohsiung Branch is the best choice for study and travel.

Kaohsiung Branch

Located in the center of Kaohsiung, TLI Kaohsiung Branch is only a 5-minute walk to the MRT and the new Juejiang downtown area known as Kaohsiung’s Harajuku. The transportation is quite convenient.
A friendly, welcoming, and international city with warm and cozy climate around the whole year.
Located in southern Taiwan, TLI Kaohsiung Branch is the best place to experience Taiwan’s native culture and Taiwanese.


2nd Floor, No. 507, Zhongshan 2nd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City

Service hotline

(886-7)215-2965 / 251-3638

Consultation Hours

Monday to Friday: 07:30-21:30
Saturday and Sunday: 08:30-17:30

Line :

Foreign Language@235acnqt
※Kaohsiung branch passes the fire safety and construction equipment safety inspections every year, so students can take classes without any concerns.

Free Consultation

TLI has four branches in Taiwan, all of which are located downtown with convenient transportation.
There are branches from the north to the south Taiwan, including the northern part of Taiwan-the capital Taipei City, the central part in Taichung City, and the southern part in Kaohsiung City.
Come and visit the nearest branch school for consultation, planning and class.


1. By MRT

Get off at "Central Park Station" on the red line + walk south for 5-10 minutes

2. Take the bus

Bus No. 90 (to Sanduo Shopping District) and get off at "Lingya Middle School Station" or "Xingzhong 2nd Intersection Station" + walk south for 5-10 minutes
Bus No. 72 (to Zhongzheng Gaogong) and get off at "MRT Central Park Station" + walk south for 5-10 minutes
Bus No. 224 (to the Museum of History) (Departs only at 5:40 in the morning and 17:40 in the evening) Get off at "Xintian Intersection Station" + walk south for 3~5 minutes
Bus No. 12 (to Xiaogang Station) Get off at "Xintian Intersection Station" + walk south for 3~5 minutes