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英文課綱 The English Class Syllabus .
Welcome to our Speaking and Vocabulary course! Our focus is on helping you speak better and learn more words. We'll cover greetings, numbers, dining out, and personal growth. Get ready for an exciting journey to improve your English skills!
Week 1-3 Greetings and Introductions
Basic greetings, introductions, and polite expressions for meeting and interacting with people.
Week 4-6 Numbers and Money
Essential numbers, currency, and basic math for everyday transactions, such as shopping, paying bills, and understanding prices.
Week 7-9 Food and Dining
Ordering food in restaurants, dietary preferences, understanding menus, and common phrases for dining out.
Week 10-12 Personal Growth and Development
Through practical exercises and discussions, we aim to cultivate these essential attitudes, enhancing personal well-being and fostering a more fulfilling life journey.


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