Branches in Taiwan

Consider Taiwan as your Chinese learning destination.

Taiwan is the place to be to learn Chinese

Taiwan's beauty can be found everywhere, especially in it's people. There are five reasons to learn Chinese in Taiwan

The people are warm and hospitable, and highly accept foreign cultures.
Located in the heart of Asia, Taiwan is in an important economic center, which puts it in touch with each of the cultures of Asia.
The whole of Taiwan is a classroom for learning Chinese, and you can will find opportunities to learn and practice everywhere
The transportation is quite convenient, the environment is safe, and life is convenient and comfortable.
The use of traditional characters means you get a head start on learning traditional and simplified Chinese. Local schools also provide traditional and simplified Chinese teaching.

TLI branches are a great place to meet new friends and integrate into the local community

TLI branches are all located in the city center, and the transportation is quite convenient!

While attending classes in TLI, you can also experience local customs and delicacies, chat and discuss with classmates and teachers in person, meet like-minded friends from different countries, and expand interpersonal relationships.

Am I suitable for face-to-face courses?

If you are in Taiwan or are about to come to Taiwan, you like to communicate, interact, and make friends face-to-face with people, and you want to integrate with the local people and enjoy the lively atmosphere, then the courses in TLI branches are your best choice!"

More favorable prices and diverse activities

Having courses at any of TLI's branches, you can enjoy a more favorable price than online courses, as well as diverse cultural experiences and gatherings. Can't wait? Check it out!

Welcome to Taiwan to learn Chinese and foreign languages

TLI has four branches in Taiwan, all of which are located downtown with convenient transportation.
There are branches from the north to the south Taiwan, including the northern part of Taiwan-the capital Taipei City, the central part in Taichung City, and the southern part in Kaohsiung City.
Come and visit the nearest branch school for consultation, planning and class.

Meet the beautiful Formosa-Taiwan