TLI Teaching Philosophy

"Student-centered" is TLI's highest principle for language teaching. Teaching method, teacher training, and teaching material development are all focused on being student-centered. We advocate using different materials or methods to teach different types of students, so we can make learning more fun and let students use what they have learned. Therefore, classes at TLI will never be boring.
TLI Teaching Strategy
1. Emphasis on speaking practice and improving listening and speaking abilities.
2. 80% of conversation class is for speaking practice.
3. Effective use of supplementary teaching materials.
4. Immersive teaching method focuses on learning result.
The Three Pillars in TLI Teaching
The biggest difference between TLI and other language institutions is that we have always focused on teaching quality for decades, and our proprietary teaching materials, teaching methods, and top faculty are reasons why we could maintain our high teaching quality.
Unrivaled Golden Ratio Teaching Method
Beginner Class
3/4 of the class focuses on basic pronunciation, spoken expressions, and listening practice and 1/4 of the class focuses on reading and writing practice on sentence structure and vocabulary, all done through interactive learning to build a solid foundation.
Intermediate Class
Emphasis is on a balanced approach to enhance listening, speaking, reading, and writing equally through conversation practice, story telling & writing, and discussions, helping students build their language ability altogether.
Advanced Class
3/4 of the class focuses on reading comprehension and writing & grammar and 1/4 of the class focuses on listening and speaking practice, while monitoring students' learning strategy to adjust teaching methods accordingly and fulfilling students' needs in their professional environment, so you can speak as fluently as a native speaker can.
Exclusive TLI Teaching Technique
To master the language, you must listen first before you speak
Build a foundation by starting with pronunciation
Learn vocabulary, phrases, and sentences with structural learning that will let you learn by analogy
Rotating teaching with multiple teachers can help students adapt to different accents heard in daily life.
Class & Learning Structure
Learning Structure
Pyramid Approach in Teaching
We care about your pronunciation and your ability to fluently express yourself, as we also understand that language learning has to be integrated with our lifestyle; we guide you to experience the culture through language and cultivate a global perspective, so you can truly improve your language ability. TLI can design the most suitable class content for each student and help them develop their abilieis in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We emphasize the practical use of vocabulary and grammar to aid you to climb to the top of the pyramid.

Don't hesitate anymore,Learning can't be done overnight, but there's an effective way to learn.